Organisation in France

Human Resources

In order to best meet town expectations and needs, Groupe Geraud has organised itself in a management company with multidisciplinary competencies, divided in 6 specialised departments. In consultation with representatives from the local authority, the company defines and controls the general operations policy.

The Departments :

  • Operations Department (5 regional areas)
  • Finance Department
  • Marketing and Special Events Department
  • Legal Department
  • Maintenance Department
  • Car parks Department

As a service provider, Groupe Geraud places a strong focus on the quality of recruitment and on-going training of its staff. Subject to constant checks from senior management, the local operations team adapts to the tasks required at each site under the supervision of the market manager.

Audits are undertaken under the Managing Director’s leadership in order to ensure that charging schemes and regulations determined by the local authority are strictly adhered to on the ground.

Today in France, the company brings together over 500 individuals through its various departments, including:

  • 35 Head Office Staff
  • 90 Market Managers covering all operations in France

To cover its changing needs, Groupe Geraud adapts its workforce and has created over 150 jobs in the course of the last 20 years. Its strong interpersonal relations enable it to call upon outside experts such as architects or consultants in instances where the maintenance of an existing structure cannot be justified.

Technical Ressources

Each managed site has access to the company’s extensive, dedicated technical ressources.
Groupe Geraud supports local authorities for a better environmental stewardship, which requires appropriate equipment and animations.

The group technical ressources :

  • Internal computer network, allowing ‘real-time’ access to the whole portfolio
  • Integrated construction and maintenance workshops
  • Management of each site
  • Stall erection and cleaning equipment
  • Equipment provided for on-site staff (all employees are provided with a uniform)
  • Stall or chalet materials
  • Heavy cleaning equipment (mounted or towed motorised cleaning machines, high pressure washers)
  • Fleet of several dozen vehicles
    • Vans, wagons
    • Tractors
    • Trailers…