Activities in France


Today, Groupe Geraud acts on behalf of more than 300 local authorities, spread across more than 30 departments in France.
This demonstrates the company’s ability and experience in managing sites which are sometimes located very far from its Head Office.

In order to suit the local authority’s preferences, Groupe Geraud can manage the entire operational process or just specific aspects:

  • Recruitment and allocation of traders
  • Verification of market operating rights
  • Management of equipment, stalls erection
  • Design, finance, and construction of outdoor or indoor market sites
  • Cleansing and maintenance of sites
  • Relay local authorities to users
  •  We bring the following benefits to local authorities:
    • The experience and professionalism of the leading European operator
    • Continuity of a responsible company which has been operating for over 100 years
    • Personalised relationship with proactive teams
  • Simplification of relations with traders; permanent innovation in management methods
  • Promotion and sales drives at markets and trading sites.

Car parks

In this secondary but complementary activity, Groupe Geraud, completely independent of manufacturers and builders, has achieved an extensive experience in car park management.

Groupe Geraud carries out any studies, technical, legal, financial and regulatory organisation of projects, and sets up the entire process of cooperation:

  • Money collection
  • Sites surveillance
  • Operational management
  • Relations with users
  • Technical adaptations

Groupe Geraud is able to anticipate change and to provide tailored technical, commercial and legal guidance and solutions to its partners, whether traders or local authorities.
Groupe Geraud promotes a spirit of cooperation and interaction between participating parties, founded on flexibility and respect, and bases its financial proposals on a fair share of the profits of the operation.