Geraud France

A historical presence in local markets

From the origins to the present day

Specialised, from its very inception at the end of the 19th century, in managing indoor and outdoor markets and fairs on behalf of local authorities of all sizes, Groupe Geraud has retained its family spirit and independence from large financial and construction groups, despite its expansion into all kinds of city centre commercial activities.

This strong connection to its roots allows the company to deliver a customised service and has enabled it to form close relationships with its clients. Similarly, the company has been able to develop a comprehensive and complex degree of service delivery which is sometimes accompanied by heavy investment.

Thanks to its ability to form sound working relationships, which is demonstrated in its ability to respond to its clients’ different needs, Groupe Geraud’s commercial development has made it the undisputed European leader in today’s markets industry.

Through its human, technical and financial resources,  Groupe Geraud is capable of undertaking any development in relation to markets and all forms of outdoor trade or even promotion of town centre trading.